don’t be Chinese

don’t be Chinese if you’re not, you’d only do it wrong.  don’t be too tall, lest you’re bound to leap.  don’t be slow if you cross in the middle of the block, cane in hand. (then) (take a breath)  that’s my son!, said following the twisting running hollering boy.  about right for relationship, one full breath after another one.  father hurries along.  some things are right, some things are hidden.  it’s a matter of being ripe.  
desire don’t always count the way we think it does.

One thought on “don’t be Chinese

  1. When I first read the title, I thought “how odd”, but then realized how perfect it was. Allowing ourselves to be who we are is “being ripe” as you expressed it. In doing so we can have our desires as well as enjoy each moment.


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