love loves difficult things

the answer to joy is life

the answer to sadness is being

the answer to promise is spirit

the answer to pain is love

for Sadie, 2016 november

5 thoughts on “love loves difficult things

    1. thank you Elizabeth, kindness, yes. hardly a poem perhaps, first, they are just words I wanted to hold in my hands. title alone speaks an obvious wonder. and the rest… if life is composed of questions, then what answers do we want to return. I take these words literal. my thanks to you. neil


  1. Not sure that most of us are strong enough to recognize that we are seeking answers, let alone that we have questions. For many it is a matter of going along to get along. Our world today, is a difficult place, getting more so with each passing moment. Is there even room to ask questions? Fueled by fear, we only react, and that leaves no room for questions, because there already are far too many. And just for the record, I still believe that a poem is whatever the poet chooses it to be,



    1. Yes, Elizabeth you’re right. Worldly distractions abound, yet that is no excuse, is it? True is true. And never any satisfaction in being less. Being no saint I struggle my own share. Yet isn’t it right to keep bright in mind and heart?

      (My thanks. You made me go look again at all the old references here, including your prompt poem too!)

      This poem is a “found” poem actually. You’ll recall the title from Peter Sis. But the heart belongs to John Denver, his song All This Joy. For that one song alone his life would have been well spent. It is poem, it is prayer. Core of his lyrics are:

      All this joy, all this sorrow
      All this promise, all this pain
      Such is life, such is being
      Such is spirit, such is love

      And hearing, hearing grants meaning to the meaning. So says me.

      My poem stance is to take existence as a question, waiting for us to make real the answer. So in broader stroke my lines could be read, “if the question is joy, the answer is life”. Not logical, but my heart says so. Hard hard pain some while back and I kept remembering “the answer to pain is love”. Didn’t make the pain go away, didn’t “fix” anything, but it kept me there in the moment without being lost. I take this all literal.

      John’s lyrics and song here:

      thanks, Neil


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