you are but a whisper on the lips of God.
          as a whisper, you pass on ever so soon,
          like a line of poetry written on the waters of creation.
          yet the greatness of a whisper is that it is passed on…
                    C.P. Thorp.

wind breathes the whole world to your face

all of it, all

imagine, imagine how that is

because, because it is real, it is

all that is, echoing within your ears

it is touching the skin of your face

it is tasting your mouth, the inside of you

it is breathing, you

sahara blazing into space, that forest ocean cove that no one
yet has seen, that park down two blocks when you were a child,
a field of unbounded wheat seen after climbing tall, that place
where you first felt alone, stone and salt and gulls above

your lovers kiss between the sheets, your lover twenty years ago,
that baby you touched inside its grasp, your mothers breath


2 thoughts on “breathing

    1. I love Chuck’s quote that begins the poem. otherwise too, am impressed with “continuity”, literal & figurative. (does that mean I don’t feel that way??)


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