under near

under the fox a rabbit,
run rabbit run

under float, the bottom of the boat,
then more water and

under river, an apple tree
under talk, more stars,
then holding hands

under fear, silence is a spoon

forgiveness lost, a root,
shame by name

under nothing, more,
everywhere just like sky
under a shoe, another shoe
then a mirror and
under a face, another you

4 thoughts on “under near

  1. It’s been way too long since I read your words. So very glad to see you. Thanks so much for seeking me out and leaving a comment so I could find you. Now i have to go back and read your poem…



  2. For some reason, this reminds me of Robert Bly. Vivid images, direct yet holding under garments of emotion. I also like the music it makes when read aloud.



    1. yea, OK. like that phrase, “direct yet… emotion”. hadn’t thought myself that way, but yea, I suppose I am. the real of more me in poems is not such an easy write.


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