kinetic verbs

ecstatic    energy
natural    radiance
affectionate    direction
perpendicular    hesitation
reluctant    snow
becalmed    arising
spry    moon

what am I doing?

not a student of grammar. I missed that part. so we call this “experimental”, as in I’m making this up as I go along and it is decidedly a seat-of-the-pants navigation. disclaimer said, I listen for how words may have affinities, expected or unexpected, with other words. I like it best when surprised. admittedly, kind of a fairy tale. after all, I’m the one listening. but an interesting way to explore your own less-spoken vocabulary.

or, said like this. these are word pairs that kind of don’t go together, but when you ask them to bond, unexpected results become visible. that’s a part of language I find hard to resist.

just a taste. looking to learn. look for something under the skin.

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