drawing circles, iii

a cat will inscribe a circle before laying down
making the space aligned with themselves.

spiders reveal desire in circles of dew.

the moon is a circle that does shadow plays.
the earth is many many circles.
the universe navigates by casting circles

into every intent.

a pie is a circle that is good to eat.
we love them slice by slice.
anger, hatred, these are circles too,
the far side of an arc moving back

to God awake.

water that falls then goes back to sky.
this is how we answer thirst.
looking eye to eye is a circle we recognize.
your lips your mouth, when we are met

are circles borne into better breath.

3 thoughts on “drawing circles, iii

    1. it’s amusing Elizabeth, this circle poem here in light of our recent brief discussion – me feeling empty, then your encouragement – and right that night these few lines began coming to me. I surely wouldn’t have guessed another circle poem would arrive! so – your fault! and thanks.


  1. You are more than welcome, Neil. I love circles, they have fascinated me for years in the form of Mandalas and Kaleidoscope imagery. But then have to laugh as my latest poem is about finding the pattern and exploring its meaning, most often coming face to face with self. Perhaps one day we will realize that our patterns are meant to lead us back to self, and thus to soul, forming one unique circle?



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