directions to the beach

wait two billion years for the earth to cool.

wait more for the land to build up and then
relax again.

wait for unending rain.   filling a bathtub is easy.
filling an ocean takes some long intent.

wait for things to grind.
better tell grandma where you’re going today.
wait for the grocery to open.   we need some
bread, beef and cheese for sandwiches.

be sure the tank is filled with gasoline.
clean underwear?   better check.
aim west over the dark towering trees till
there, cultivated rows of artichoke blooms.

notice how the roadside dirt is changing to sand.

then distant lion’s roar morphs into gulls overhead.
we’re here.   there’s grandma in the waves.

2 thoughts on “directions to the beach

  1. Really, really like this Neil. How you move reader through time from the beginning of beginnings all the way to the beach and grandma in the water. Love the imagery especially the distance between filling the tub and filling the ocean that abides by the shore and the beach. Lightning quick strokes that race the reader through eons of time, yet let her arrive safely and still intact.



    1. happy Elizabeth for following along. I think I’m often too verbose. so now, working working at fewer words, am left to wonder how it reads to someone not me. it’s a stretch, yet isn’t everything in some kind of relationship? (and real grandma was always right time, right place)


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