the book of lies

lie.  lie is not bad, it is just not accurate.

sin.  sin is not unforgivable, sin is forgiven.  sin just means, “not ripe”, not ready.  that’s all Jesus meant.  notice it, correct it, however appropriate, done.

wrong is like right.  it’s just what’s left after what’s so is said.

bad is not “good”.  meaning simply, change, do something kind instead.

hate is an emotion that’s gone astray.

fear just means look out!  when there’s a bear in close to you, fear makes some sense.  no bear?  then look, consider your perceptions.

disgust should simply say, “no thank you, not for me.”

anger is a wall like bricks.  to start, consider using something softer.  cotton will do for one.  then consider what’s different and what’s the same.

doubt is a part of trust and faith.  it is not opposite.  it is only looking that isn’t yet done.

loneliness is just a feeling.  and really really it’s not even true.  go walk, feel the earth, your feet, see the sky, your eyes.  trees are good to start.  go make a friend, who might just be wishing for you.

regret is just stuff you haven’t done.  none of us will ever do everything.  move on.

self-sacrifice.  don’t do it.  if you damage yourself you’ll have nothing left to give.  give freely, or don’t do anything.

getting even.  this is just fantasy of a hurtful sort.  don’t do it.  you’ll be the one who gets hurt.

shouldn’t.  you know.  you shouldn’t.

vengeance.  just don’t.  even God gave up on that.

unforgiveness.  simple.  forgive yourself.  the rest will just follow of itself.

repulsion is only natural.  but so is attraction.  choose.

2 thoughts on “the book of lies

    1. there is something useful in not being much impressed with words, especially our own. then they can just be.

      my dear Elizabeth how good to hear your voice again. since nearly forever. my misadventures have kept me too far from being a better friend. for now, simply, thanks for raising your hand. neil


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