I’m your neighbor, I’ll just be listening.
          Something like Loneliness 01
we could say boundary, yet frontier seems more right, border seems more right.  more untouched.  more close as breath.  more fertile.
ten fingers, two hands, arms, shoulders, one neck.

I rather like putting new words in the dirt for a while.  let them get dusty and ripe.

a border is where we watch people change.  here people and there people.  fluid the way warm butter is.  tangential.

injuries.  broken leg, four years old, broken wrist, broken kidney twice, broken hearts, broken door, broken blood, broken cure.  keeping this list of injuries.

what is your list of immaculate dangers?

does head know hands, as likewise, hands know feet?

how close is close enough?  would you answer differently one year ago?
one mouth, one nose, two ears to touch.  audible.

writing is meditation.

spoken in public, it reminds me of new and better hope.

if margins are about edges, there’s the edge of a cliff.
my solar plexus is a kaleidoscope moving south.

is there a geography in how you feel being here, being you?  is there a north and a south?  maybe tiger stripes.  are there independently minded states of self?  any civil war declared?

here too, look see, there’s a fracture in the universe.
it’s attention that motivates the flow of time.  and identity.
two eyes, one chin, one brow, two lips spoken aloud.

are you alone in a crowd?  who is the you that feels alone?
who is the who you keep talking to?  who of you speaks first?

are we made of one substance or many, in body and in mind?

blessings.  dawn alone in Pacific Grove, better friends than myself, being loved, being, saving that one seven-year-old picture of me, my cowboy hat, a pocketful of ceramic buttons, listening, listening.  words.

forgetting.  then.  remembering the two of us like a seventh wave.

material is mostly empty space.  as they say.  so then, what’s space?
is space substance?  is there no being alone?  are we bubbles, you and me?  two traces of silver thread?

meditation is writing this.

like the world needs wolves.

01 Something like Loneliness is a short film directed by Seth and Ben Epstein, and based on the award winning play by Ryan Dowler.
credit where due, thanks to Ren Powell and her Nothing But Metta4, Fish Pose, for starting this ball rolling downhill.

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