what I have to say won’t kindle flame.
what you hear, there’s the rub.   then spark.

candles are growing short.   I am, no lasting light.
stars in my eyes.   they see more than me.
go, they said.   I agreed.   actually
it was the other way around.

sometimes I occupy a lot of space.
move along.   some might say, let go.

says me to life, alright you got my attention.
a broken heart, literal not figurative.

follow these lions home

stalking   chasing   bringing it down
impala   zebra   kudu   wildebeest

which side of the teeth am I?

loved good enough to eat.   a question mark.

feel the food give itself up to you in your mouth.

      I do not expect you to believe anything you’re seeing or hearing,
      and knowing you won’t believe me, that’s the only reason I’m going
      to tell you the truth.

            Derek DelGaudio, In & Of Itself


truth is the bubble I occupy.   always.   always.
consider.   whatever you’ve ever experienced or
been told, no matter the source, no matter,
it is always me who chooses what to accept
and what else is named, no not that.

the sky is blue.   I look.   I agree.   me.

same same, everything.   the color of your eyes.
the touch of your skin.   the scent of your lips.

is there Spirit in the universe?   ask the question.
what answer whispers in your ear?   that, that.


imagine the ether inhabited by burning gas.
because.   because the stars were asked and
they were full and glad to answer, yes.

and from that brilliant miracle, all of us.
gaze where you will, all miraculous.

the table is set before you.   no waiting.
I have spent one eternity not in this face.
someday I will forever be faceless again.

from my balcony

I see the wind.   how limbs invite it to move.
wind fills my chest, my arms, my thoughts.

green growing fills my eyes.   every nuance
from dark night to brilliant throated green leaf.

rain changes it mind, moves back to
unspotted dry stone.   they wait, no rush.

sky needs no eyes, remembering me.
earth roots say, here, fill this space.

I am more full than I know how to be.
I turn, then go back inside.
Spirit said to me, let them see I love you all.   that’s your job.
      me and the stars, we burn for you

what is this thing?
someone said, too long, too scattered, and ?what?   I think it was me!
well, here I am, two legs dangling over the precipice.   a heart, my heart,
not doing so well, and a future closer to me.   it has been more of a challenge
to appreciate these moments, these weeks, these months.   but deal was,
appreciate what’s given.   fair enough.

my thanks for reading me, that does not end.         no matter what

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