how it was getting my x-ray taken in 1982

if you’re looking for clues, this is one.
here, two hands, one to either shoulder.
shifting, guiding, suggesting where to rest.
table was stoic, flat to my curves, rigid,
unforgiving.   then a minute a flash and
big bright cross.   hips cradled, rotated
to another view.   again, please, here,
move just this measured much.
            geography.   my body was earth.

into this earthen bowl she was gentle
breathing.   same same as her hands.
here, a radiograph of my not so better
side inside.   uncomfortable?
            you might reason so.

rather.   unexpected welcome weather.
too long.   too long.   no skin-folded
first draft.   no touch.   just alone.
            now I see myself again.

kindness like sun like wind like rain.

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