I am broken.       Am I mosaic?
            I don’t know.
shattered.    we’ll gather them up from the floor.

two hands to harvest.    two hands, a cup to carry us.
what is the strain or blow to make a thing into two?
what does cut or graze on our skin?
yet broken water is the beginning of a birth.

put an end to a silence by speaking, by joining together.
what will lessen the impact of a falling body?
what will crush an emotional strength, a broken spirit?

of the weather, to change suddenly.    a break in the storm.
of a wild horse, to tame or train.    to impede.

blood that wants not to flow as meant to do.
awaiting breath.    to be inoperative.

an interruption in continuity.

to break with tradition.

to break bread.
to break camp.
to break the ice.    don’t fall.

to break a heart.

to break your word.

to break your leg.

to break the mold.

to break out of.

to break something open.    to liberate.

to break your faith.

to break apart.    to break in two.

to break someone up.

to break into.

to break up.

to break away.

to break down.

to break free.    freedom rings.
those are the breaks.
but this question raises its hand.    can anything, actually
and for real, really be broken apart?    where would it go?
is it not being exactly the way it was always intended to be?
do we just not recognize the greater whole?

go ahead, you answer that.
            Am I mosaic?

a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less
coherent whole.    do I more illuminate than I did before?
am I what the Spirit wants for me?    do I understand?

am I willing to be this me?

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