spiritual guidance, a dollar a dance

we’ll be glad to discuss your point of view.    no
judgment on our part, even when you’re wrong.
I can’t remember, last time I had some actual chocolate.

nor a cigarette!    oh, that would be nice too.    bad bad me.
in my dreams I imagine getting some, but never smoking one.
            what’s that mean?

it’s a fork in the river.    hard to be a salmon, go upstream.

just in the nature of forks.    what’s the nature of a spoon?
will that taste any better than this?

I remember cotton candy at the county fair.    I remember
the first time I got to go alone, all by myself.    too young
to drive so I rode the bus.
I remember the time when it was mostly pain. who am I
kidding, it was all pain.    that began my glad outcast days.

intimacy was learned in the lap of better strangers then.
dollar a dance, oh yea, that was more than fair.
so if He asked, drop everything, come with me.
would you?    like Jesus did.    I didn’t.    I felt afraid.

good lesson is, the answer to pain is love.
I’m still learning that.    sometimes it looks like
            I don’t know.

again, thanks for listening.
no fears, payment is automatic.

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