in review, “In & Of Itself” by Derek DelGaudio

an old well known story, yet Derek DelGaudio finds a point of view revealing something fresh something informative to appreciate about the six blind men and the unknown creature they encounter.

this film presentation of his live NYC small theatre production, about identity, is realized through a mixture of intimate storytelling, masterful slight of hand, and a profound reimagining of how we see ourselves and each other.    maybe the most amazing of all, is his engagement with the audience (maybe 150 or so).    with this film we get to see a greater expanse sampling of the over 500 performances produced.

Created and written by Derek DelGaudio, directed for the stage by Frank Oz.

the performance is beyond simplistic description, best when allowed to roam free in your perceptions and experience.    there are abundant reviews and interviews, even some who would try to explain.    but sometimes, yes, understanding like that is the booby prize.    best just go witness and take what you experience.

In & Of Itself is only formally available on, one of the many streaming services.   (sshhh…)   however hulu allows one month free to sample their offerings, more than enough to view this film.

or watch the film on YouTube now.   2022

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