no name here

        no face either.
your feet they measure distance forward, sometimes back.

your arms, this much wide, far as you can reach.   that’s all.

how high you jump, that’s the third.   gravity gets a vote.
time, time is a measure of change.   no change, no time.
        like it or not.
what’s inside your chest?   a heart.   so they say.   and why?
        you know.   measuring time.   echoing.

what’s inside your head?   a brain.   so they say.   and why?
        like a window.   like a door.   like a box.

although I haven’t seen either one.   but admit, why not?
what’s to do you do with your legs?   approach.   run away.
        move from side to side.   stand your ground.

what’s to do with your hands?   be a shallow cup.   be loved.
        take the shape of who you touch.   maybe a cat.
what’s inside your life?   no one knows.   or they’re not saying.

what’s inside your blood?   your breath for one.   and memories.
        sometimes they spill outside.   red.   it fills a cup.

        they make a noise.   like this.   invisible.
and god, before anything else, god said, be different.   and it was so.
        because god said.
now, considering all of that, what difference does it make in my life?
        I have to ask.

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