she said

she said, I am the sound of a star up close.

she said, in the silence between the stars,
I am the sound that silence is.

she said, I burn slowly.   I burn for you.
she said, my flames look like words

          like before they were like sky.

she said, you ask me what.   and I say fire.
she said, you ask me how.   I say fire.

she said, I am the salt in sand.
here feel, she said.   my blood is sweet,

          like stars are bright.

said she, my legs are trees that walk.
my arms are feathers rooted in sky.

said she, my thoughts do what windows do.
my feelings are water.   water like clouds.

my fingers are painting curious, she said.

feet define my home, my shoes.
lips thirst for another thirst.
this is how we feel when we feel
everything who is being here.


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