being me

will I be here Tuesday?   seems probable.

will I be here Wednesday?   let you know when I wake.

and Thursday, how about then?   remind me about
        about dusting the shelves & books.

Friday, how many fingers am I holding up?
        raise your hand to answer me.   that will do.

Sunday truth says, most answers are question marks.

Monday.   Monday’s a whole new week.
        new weeks are hard to read.

        am I still sitting here?

where’s your finger on the page?   told ya.   see?
told you this part matters to me.   like water does.

I keep seeing water in front of me.

    I am not the center of the universe.
    not even the solitary heart of me alone.

    and look.   a black cat in the garden.
    good fortune, says my book.

    I blink slowly to set her at ease.   you see?


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