if you were going to look for me

I’ll be between the words like a picket fence.

I’ll be taller than your feet but shorter than your shadow.

hold your face real close.   closer.   the view is better.

one finger will find me sooner than a hand.
mind the colors.   don’t trip.   they’re left all about.

I’ll be the one standing there, a confused look on my face.

ask me the time of day.   I won’t know.   a sure give-a-way.
excuse me please.   is that you?   yea, I’ll smile back

whether or not it’s even really me.   I guess sometimes.
I was meaning to write something meaningfully.   but that left town.

here’s the stray dog that stayed behind.   good boy, good.   fetch.
still trying to recover grace.   but nope, no luck.

however I’m not far and I’m easy to find.   would you like an orange?

      ask me if I’ve anything profound to say.

      I’ll tell you about this cat and dog
      who live in Tillamook Oregon.


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