as long as I am here
      no one can hurt you

tell me tell me tell me
right here right here
beside the feeling, feeling this way
I am, I am right here with you.

her face like a flower,
open, golden sun inside.

she shakes her head
but the dream remains,
seeing is nested here, won’t leave.

in this dream, her dream
her hands, they make shapes
in the air, touching air
they make shapes and
it was you, her hands touching
curves, reflecting you.

oh my dear
love described by the clouds
by a moon, by a star, by the sky.

      as long as I am here
      no one can hurt you

her hands, her feet, climbing
the ladder.   here she comes.
coming up to you.

open.   open your arms.

yes yes.   tell me tell me tell me.
colors fill my ears.   fill me, yes yes.

tell me I’ve been lied to
say to me again, it’s not true.
real seeing, seeing you.

her hands became ears
hearing the shape of you.

my feet shake the dirt.
come, stand close to me.

not arms.   wings.

the dream was swimming.
filling her face.   her face.

      no fear my darling, I will be
      with you to the end of things

      no one can hurt you

as long as I am here,
I am.

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