does this need being said?

that is not rhetorical.

that virus yet thrives.   how much do we?

we act as if it were gone.   but the only ones leaving, are us.

it needn’t take a meteor to end our reign.   ignorance will be enough.

my partner, she who shares this home with me, some few days past
she tested positive.   caution was our mantra all this time.
but one moment.   wrong time, wrong place, wrong person,
even masked.   it was enough.

prayers thankfully, not dire, but life changing all the same.

then again, long term infection is maybe long, but with odds
shorter than that.   don’t play with matches, mother said.

and you know already don’t you, not just for you, but for those
you know, more vulnerable, and for those you do not know.

we are all one body.   one place, one time.   one chance.

make it count.   make it a life worth keeping around.

else be just a memory of the dirt.

make action your best expression of living love.

you know what to do.   do it now.

with love, here is said.
not even for a moment do things stand still    observe

2 thoughts on “does this need being said?

  1. We can only do our best. I know many immunocompromised people. But most care only for themselves. I hope your partner has a quick recovery. (K)


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