for no reason
the water the birds the rocks

for no reason why
takes my eyes away from me

for no reason, light
one white lie

alpine green then dirt then rock

no questions asked, no need to speak

a dizzy attitude this close to ground

set free set free, not what it would
seem to be, unfolding here

swept by gales you, you mountain tops,
you wouldn’t even feel

surely this place I’ve been
in a former life, half a minute ago

here, draw a circle, I won’t obey

my path averts your gaze, and
you’ll tire more than me

one white lie, one butterfly

here’s the secret I won’t tell
the air is made of threads

I am following, and
that explains, everything

some days I’d sail out of sight
beyond your reasons why
we found this scrap of paper
folded, inside it said, read
or let me lay in peace

for no reason, the universe said

for no reason, the hand of god
a man pointing at the sky

a man pointing into the clouds

an old man pointing, the sun and

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