First Woman on the Sun

we does our best, remembering.   like it was, yesterday.
the sun was shining bright.   she was there, higher than.

she held his hand, as if she’d been there since the starting start.
birds flew out of rocks.   their wings, with each stroke performing
     patterns of our speech.

then the way they glided, singing air, like they were her hair.
resting down upon a shimmered golden bluish lake.   shhh.

everything around was round.   everything curved, her face adorned.
remember me, she implied.   without a word.   one finger to her lips.

I need to stride above the sky, said she.   mother Sun calls me home.
because I am the first, to respond is how I keep this life alive.

when she walked, a forest moved.   how moss learned pointing North.
no Tuesday rush, an Autumn breeze.   surrendered place, making way.

she sailed above the dirt above the rocks above the trees, above all of us.
we stand witness, how far was far.   we spoke, hushed, fresh sown.

as we took root, rain followed her.   more like flame, like feet.   amber bright.
she carried him with both arms.   we asked an angel.   ten times ten.

sun kept watch for her breath.   blushed in dawn.   every noon, every night.
just like this one here.   she was, she is.   no scent of doubt.

the First Woman who Walked on the Sun.

then carried a man to her home.

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