dishes laid on the table



spoon on the left side or right of the plate?
how low the tank before you refill?
of course, socks, which color today?
what car or house to buy, children, how many
husband, wife, do they like the same movies
as you?
write a story a poem a paragraph.

which shoes to wear?
brush your teeth?   you better.
bend over to tie your shoes, or slip-ons?

swallow your words or speak out loud?

there is a truth closer to your breath.

here’s the coin in your pocket.   heads and tails.


write a story a poem a paragraph, do any eyes
find the script, do they recognize, do they speak?

do ego   vanity   an itch   a painting, tie any knots?

vanquishing ego is the means by which ego then
reinforces itself.   rivers know better how to move.

a boulder does not obstruct.

be what moves along.


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