memo to the Dalai Lama

don’t tell the Chinese.   you know the ones I mean.   those ones who are mean to you.   they should be ashamed.   Christmas stockings of coal for them.

not a lot of people I’d say this too – but you are gonna be really missed when you leave.   real and truly.   so can I borrow the convertible keys for the day?

and isn’t it odd (whimsical?) that the Chinese government wants to replace you with one-of-their-own when the time comes.   OK, political but spiritual – unlikely.   so they’re presenting half the truth, the part of truth that isn’t true.

and just so you know, if you’re ever in my inch of the universe, you are welcome into my home.   surely I’ve a generous share of imperfections, but you understand, and my love for you is genuine – so yes, my home would be happy having you under this roof.    for real.

I know, I know, old joke.   but it makes me laugh.   what’s the Dalai Lama say at the hamburger stand?   Make me one with everything.   sorry, but for all I know, you started it.

     this life or the next, there will be a reunion.


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