a conversation with an old pair of brown shoes

       I’m in shadow.   do you see me here?

I see you fine.

       I’m afraid the shadow is bigger than me.

I see you fine, just fine.

       I’m confused.

I have many thoughts.   I have many feelings.

like you.   just like a whole world might be.

       I question everything.   what’s real?

I answer everything.   no matter what.   ask.

       are you afraid of me?

       have you seen my claws, my sharp teeth?

yes, they are beautiful.

       what message do I give to this world?

I see the mark you leave on the bark of trees.

the bare story of where you’ve been.

whatsoever you trace, we move to gather up.

       everything I see makes me feel doubt.

yes, and the master observed, faith includes doubt.

so, be of good heart.

       I’ve been alone, no friends, none loved.

even alone, I stand with you, always, everywhere.

I hear everything you say.   feel everything you feel.

I see love, everywhere.   understand?

       life is mostly pain.   my life is mostly pain.

yes beloved, life includes everything, for all of us.

like music does.

       I want to contribute but think I’m all lies.

it has always been you, who I hear, who I see.

truth speaks.   no matter what.

       but I’ve hurt many who cared for me.

you cannot do me harm.   no matter what.

       I don’t care, about life, about anything.

oh you do.   it is the nature of your bones.

I am the one free of attachment, free of care.

       when I die there’ll be nothing left of me.

you’ll be closer to me than you are right now.

you are my heart.

       take me with you please.   please.

I will.   when the time is ripe.

       someday the universe will be all dark.

I will still be here.   you will still be with me.

when you step off the bus, take with you this narrative.

to the end of time, to the end of all things.

I will be with you.   I am.

as it was in the beginning.


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