poetry without poets

I believe in atoms and molecules.
I believe in stars and places to go.

I believe in a glass of milk.
I believe in Easter eggs.

I believe in the rule of sevens.
I believe in moons and tides.

I believe that light is god’s
        open eyes.

I believe in Father and Mother.
I believe in here-I-am, a bump
        in the bed.

I see bright, I see dark.

the rule is less than what it portends
to measure.   such as my life.

we are the bump in the middle
of forever.   taken at its word.

we are, the age of stars.

red stars will go blind, eventually.
out of sight.   then every thing evaporates.

and darkness will be on the face of
        the earth.   and everything.

as it was in the beginning and will be
again.   what does your poetry look like

what are the poems beneath our bodies, ourselves?

why words will describe the heavens
        then.   words take no space.

will we be sleeping, one eye ajar?

     I’ll keep an eye out for you.
image:   (look see below)
Sagittarius A*, the great black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

2022.11.13 graphics revised from original post
2022.12.23 graphics revised, invert

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