he does not mention love

and in this story, as in all good stories, there is a ghost called upon to tell the truth.

I can’t tell this story the right way now.   I know too
much more.   Makes past something apart from me.


could’a been me.   that much, yes, I can see.

(I confess, I like how I see) (a better bowl arrives)

there is a desire to connect.   isn’t that obvious?

          mutual.   her picture in his hands.

no, didn’t then all understand (appreciate) what
those feelings meant.   all filled up, bright inside.

attraction meant exactly that, like a planet and
a moon.   something round.   easy

          without a thought.

we wouldn’t always feel as now, more than memory.
sometimes when, forever just seemed natural.
no end in sight.

hand in hand.

and now.    bigger than.


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