meaning in their feet

humans travel with meaning in their feet.
when young it was about what do I get.

much older now it’s about what do I contribute.

would’a been better if I’d adopted that child.

a matter of scale.
not only by mouth, but

what reaches the eye is what shapes the world.
living has such a terrifying abundance.

stand mid-stream, look either way.

barely visible, inside a leaf, watching water flow.

the awesome chemistry of light into food.

one leaf shines green, goddess-like,

one withers, too much shade, too hot, too cold,

maybe getting nibbled after dark.

or am I the limb, the branching stem,

a society of leaves, ever turning to each day.

we love the rhythm.   we love the feast.

oh, yes, and then a flower.   living becomes

a butterfly from nothing much.   spreads

wings into wind.   another, different leaf.

thus you find me here.   resplendent.

not my doing.   not undone.

if you must.   blame the stars.
image:   how the universe used to look to astronomers; the image
                recorded directly onto a photographic glass plate.

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