what to throw into the volcano

in honor of the Big Island of Hawaii

a lack of wonderment

shoddy habits

broken tools


things that don’t fit

legions of reckless doubt

a felony of spirit unspent

things that refuse to float

sore thumbs




hearts that turn babies away

meanings unmeant

memories that are untrue



faithless love

blindness in the face of heaven

intestinal distress

words I don’t know how to spell


stubbed toes
incandescent Pelé heal these broken limbs

      (observation)   years past during the last Hawaiian volcanic activity I recall seeing a community meeting.   The non-native residents were
      asking, what can we do to control the eruption, redirecting where the lava flows?   (man over nature, again.   understanding done backwards.)
      Then a native Hawaiian spoke simply in praise of Pelé, god of the fire earth, accepting how life is honored by this expression of earth & fire.   What a difference in stance.

      I recall old-time movies where sight of a volcano meant find a virgin to sacrifice.   Ouch!   What a misdirected waste.   Keep the virgins.   But what else might we offer to a god of fire instead?   A worthwhile question to pose.   So, you got some ideas yourself?

      Well now, 2022, Pelé brings back this poem one more time.

      Still applies.


originally posted 2018

so the Big Island of Hawaii is busy making more of itself.   a challenge and hardship for some, yet also undeniably awesome to witness.   I am of good heart to hear genuine Hawaiians and some other residents too who are willing to accept what Pelé wants to do.   in that spirit the question arrived, how to appreciate what is given us?   one answer, here.   a little whimsical and some not.

also, no small thanks to local Hawaiian tour guide, Scott, (somewhat out of work for the moment) who has shared his experience living there and with this newer lava fountain of a neighbor.  his YouTube videos have given me a personal appreciation for the beauty of life on the Big Island.


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