ocean deeply

          look deeply.         a newfound ellipse.

think like water.   like an ocean does.   nothing untouched.

means, no blemishes.   light tells better truth.

know where you look.

valleys, dark standing forest, meadow’s bloom of light
last place the rain fell, a glint of sun in a puddle unseen
your eyes, any time of day.

these will determine the measure of truth.   by need
     or some fallow desire.

look where light takes root.   better soil is better fruit.
be close.   here.   closer.   these teeth?
the more better to adore you dear.   no fear, only light.

     lingering, reveals more.     don’t fall.

navigate.   any direction the compass wants.
some reason unknown, south suggests itself.
     stones, rounded in the creek.

     pleasing, being chosen this way.   here, feel
     inside your hand.

for no better reason, here, we move.
there, she comes to me.   dear gravity.

nested near.    see, it rains.

right side up.   like the deep
deep sky.   & bright.
look.    see.    let go.
image: Chloe Tomasetta

4 thoughts on “ocean deeply

    1. Thank you for generous words. An interesting challenge, to find that point of view, clear enough, that we for a breath abandon our fixation, seeing only as us. Then, who is other?


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