the making physical poem

first, please, raise your right arm

like you was waving hello or waving goodbye.

yeah, raise your right arm.   wave it some.   friendly like.
or you tell me, what feeling you felt when you looked

within yourself.   whateveritwas.
appreciation looms.
raise your left and right arms together now.

here, I’ll wait.   oh yes, that looks good.

well done motion is given way.   favored face.

please, tenderly asked, will you stand?

oh, and draw a circle with your body all the way

around.   now we’ve both seen all there is

to see.   thus, a new world joined.

one door a clock, one door as big as deep dark space.

on wings of doubt, here to share.   that’s the choice.

now made real.   please

touch your face.   then.

your heart.       please, did you?


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