another reason for light

Principles of Structural Chemistry
a leaf is the way a tree grows a glove.

they lay on the grass, side by side.

telling one from another is more desire
              than composition.
we are all gatherings of light,
look see, bubbles, that’s what we are.

bubbles with shells all the way around.

the concept beauty is inside the eyes.
we look around to find it, like we do

old thoughts.       old buildings.
much the same.       some of them gone.

you don’t expect when things change.
they change like choice, bigger than me.

lanterns.       flames follow wind.       light
follows that.

an explanation would be, being blind.
instead.       gratitude.

a thousand thousand lights.

another day.       and you.

another moon.


3 thoughts on “another reason for light

  1. I shall probably always look at leaves as gloves now Neil (funnily enough I photographed a lost glove besides a leaf a couple of years ago) – was intrigued by how and where you took this


    1. Thank you Laura. Funny yea. This woman/blog with Down’s Sys. son – he described willow trees as melting cheese. If we look/think, yea, I can see that. Lovely.

      Think I “cheat” sometimes. Odd thoughts (and I don’t say no). Just allow them to be and trust somewhere, something in me says they relate. (Actually, I like that feeling.)

      Liked by 1 person

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