not about dogs, but maybe

god maybe isn’t what you think.

so maybe, can we talk.

       but yea, first, gotta repeat

       no question marks.

given them up for better doubt.
this universe, it isn’t forever.

did you know.       that’s what they say.

so, god, the notion, on his ivory throne,

       give it up for Lent.

there’s no more room in the inn.
us, we’re having a pretty good time

playing in all the light.       we even like the moon,

reflected light.       is that just like us.

       reflected life.
do we feel He owes us existence.
this shape, is this the only one.

and even in the dark, isn’t there shape enough.

as it was in the beginning, it was,

       it was dark.

then someone said, Light.       was that you.

and there was light, and birds and potatoes too.

more sticks than they knew what to do

       with themselves.

       so here we are.

funny how all that worked out to be.
       long-shots come true when

       that’s all you got.

then again, if you’re all that is, you know,


       then your word it matters much.

all over the place, everywhere.

even mud on the carpet in the living room.

leastwise, so the angels say.

oh yea, dogs too,

they agree.
now I gotta go figure this out all over again.


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