it’s not just by accident.   each moment has it’s
own roots, it’s own substance within its own being.
it didn’t spring from nothing, it sprang from itself.

however, in all of the natural universe the number
one is repeated and repeated.   repeated endlessly.
we use the word ・and・to glue them all together
into another number one.   the child, maybe parent
to be revealed.   that’s where story starts getting
really good.   how exciting it is being us.   see.

the realmost expression can be plain as day.     obvious.
or sometimes we keep it in a box, for a rainy day.
our names are included too, inside that box and
to tell the truth – it pleases me saying all this.

gratification is the way the universe smiles.
that’s why blood is on the inside, and skin, here,
the outside part that looks like me.
arising naturally.     another loaf of bread.

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