the meaning of this is

moon.   one third leaning right.    the moon sees everything.

I live inside a poem.

right here.   this one.

the one you’re reading.   right now.

     look again if you don’t believe in moons.
we pretend we can’t see each other.
     we can.
everything I see, I see from here.
every curve you draw.
every voice you make.
every motion a finger inscribes.
children taller than parents are.
every breath.

each word.   you know some of them.
each ray of Sun fallen onto the floor.   feelings gravitate.

     dreams of slow gathering.
     a cradle with a cat sleeping inside.
when prey’s life is inside a predator’s mouth
beauty is described by taste more than by hoof.

     is change merely a different us?

     are we just bigger than before?
     I don’t like question marks.
when I die I’d like to be Summer, maybe Spring,
as far front-faced to the Sun as possible.

     something with a big Sss sound.
for us human folk, process matters more than result.
join us here laying in the Savannah shade beneath a tree.

     sometimes a meal will come to those who wait.
     I want to use the word, delicious.

don’t think I don’t like the austere spaces in-between the words.   I do.

there, did you see that movement in the grass.   (not a question)

I don’t so much choose the words I eat as simply say yes when they arrive.

hold my hand inside the stalking moon’s eye.   please.
what we are is, observable.   a moon can see us.   anyone can.
says the moon.   dont’cha know I am never far from you.

floating in your hand.
all of life painted there.     colors.     see.
notes beside my feet.

initiating quote, by MERRILDSMITH in comment to artist/poet Kerfe.
and notice how so many leave words of music behind where they go.
the moon sees everything, a small yet right thing to say.

small observation for the eyes.   moon scene, found before intended.
suggest click the image to enlarge, then a second time too as the image
is rather large so each expansion is something of a visual waking-up.
     maybe a delight.

5 thoughts on “the meaning of this is

    1. Thank you Kerfe. Yes, saying yes, but I know so many who don’t – instead resist, cajole, argue, ignore (tired just to think about that). That’s the beauty for me of learning to trust free-association, many many small yes’s to make. Thank goodness they often make no sense at all you know!

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