even when words begin to burn


even WHEN silence is not listening.   the body does.

surrender, a much maligned form of negotiation.

       here, scrunch over.   make some room.
at lion’s first sight of antelope.   described as honest desire.

not a threat.   appreciation.   the lion said.
       you are me, the lion said aloud, being literal.

       every morsel.   all the way to the end.

no less a noble life, becoming me.
see my feet my legs.   how swift I am.
        fanned into flame.

       I am a grounded bird.   hovering.
       here I am.   on your lap.   you are my nest,
       she spoke to me.
every day is another prayer.   a circle drawn.
       a question framed.

       toes kept inside the rounded thought.
       wet nose on a cold dry night.   familiar.

       then some rain.

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