morning meditation, thirds

looking east.

do I ever tire of water.   no.   I don’t.

I refresh my view moment by moment.   all
       the same.   and.   unknown.

just the way your faces are.   to me.

perspective.   that’s what they call, how I see.

how many fish in the bowl.   how many.

       how many are seeing you.

what place calls itself home.   go fish.
there was a place and a time.  it was early night.
       water included.

       boats with lanterns.  one fashion
       to deal with water.   lots of water.

       let’s call it a parade.

lots of us fish, we came to look and see.
I try not to be broken.   you see?

       like water is.
we can be easy to please.

       virtue.   that’s what I call that ability.

       you know.   hand in hand.   feet to feet.   ordinary.

MBA webcam views of Monterey Bay used with permission.
please visit and/or support the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
they make the ocean more alive.   us too.

click to enlarge the header image.   see the water, see the trees.

4 thoughts on “morning meditation, thirds

    1. Thank you Cindy. Aside from what it says, refreshing myself, this is – My sorta minimalist brew still finding itself. What I used to think of as reducing the “connective tissue” language words. Maybe closer to how it feels inside of me. Kind of experimental, yea. Thanks again.


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