ten dimishing virtues

say hello when you meet another face. △ any face.

listen. △ that noise you hear, that’s another universe.   let it into you.

speak kindly, appreciate. △ no excuse.   none that won’t cost you dear.

let your eyes speak for you. △ a smile is nice, but eyes are genuine.
notice the smallest things with the rest. △ we’re pretty small ourselves.

you may have more mind than some, but not more △ Light.
       balance counts.

remember, meditate. △ questions & answers are one coin.
say goodbye.   for real. △ circles you know, they complete themselves.

wave. △ use your hand.   it’s good practice, like grandmother did.

remember to check the Like button △ after reading.   granted, only a mouse worth praise.   makes me wonder, where’s that Love button at.   used to regard that labor with disdain (hardly just).   retired now from that history, meaning, yes I’ve been here and read your words.

       my finger is on the page with you.

header image:
Children at Raja Yoga Academy, Point Loma, California 1915.   Public domain.


5 thoughts on “ten dimishing virtues

    1. Thank you Cindy. I appreciate your eye, or is it ear. OK, well, both. I too was intreged by that photo (a site I found that does only public domain images).


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