Eschscholzia californica


California golden poppies in outer space

These so called poppy super blooms happen when Spring rains are just right.
The blooms can become so dominant in the landscape they are even visible from space.   I take no credit here except for appreciation.   All three images will expand into substantially larger views as you wish.

View from a NASA aircraft, TG-14, over the Superbloom of wildflowers and poppies from the Antelope Valley in Southern California, Poppy Reserve and solar panels are in the background.

Having lived the better part of my life in California (now a Washington state resident) I’ve seen these kind of blooms for myself (homesickness rears its head).   I’ve known several folks who comment that California lacks the deep intense Northeast Autumn orange.   Here presented, Nature’s response of California Spring gold.   Wikipedia


2 thoughts on “Eschscholzia californica

  1. Loving this! Beautiful. I have seen the poppy blooms from outer space before. But, I am seriously wondering, when are they going to bloom? Are they blooming now? The Holler is full of California Poppies and they aren’t blooming yet. When will Borrego have it’s superbloom? Everything is topsy tury with the drought, and then the blessed downpours, and more rain on the horizon. It’s going to be a super-super bloom I hope. I think we are both getting older. I was born and raised on the southern most coast in Southern California. Despite California’s huge problems, just counting the national parks alone, the snow pack in The Sierras, the harshness of Death Valley, it is place that is so full of surprises, I don’t want to leave, and I found a corner of it that is untouched like it was when we were kids. I hope you are well my friend.


    1. Thanks Cindy. If I only had a memory (but pretty short), so can’t say precise my initial source. Some valley/region that got swamped with tourists before so they’re being careful this time to protect their area. Moreover I’ll be surprised if someday I know something before you do. But really, I’m just glad for you and the way and place you’ve found and made for yourself (I remember those pics of your Holler. Lovely lovely.)


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