moon rings

          wear me on your finger like a moon.

a center of the universe is inside one dream.   a dream is a cloud.

       begin breathing.   inhale.   set free.   evaporate.

           repeat.    counting this one here.

           say aloud, who you want to be.
        is my life not poem enough.   meditate.   repeat.

        repeat, till truth reveals itself.   it will.   it does.
ten fingers is because one might forget itself.   ten toes too.

when you’re in orbit, it’s not destination that counts.   swimming is.
       head down.   then up.   take a breath.

keep Sun to your shoulder.   tethered Light.   by your lonesome
       wandering becomes the chosen fate.
one poem to read.   one minute and twenty-four seconds.
I am changed.   willingly.   I smile inside my face.

vision at night is granted by a reflecting Moon inside Monterey Bay.
       shimmering.   I’m fond of that water word.

a murmur of crest & cousin trough.   threads keeping me blind company.
       I miss that water.   late at night I leave that window open
       to play for me while I sleep.   better dreams for open ears.
here I am.   on one knee.

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