analytic geometry and calculus


I know who told me to turn the radio down or to take the garbage out to the trash.   I know who told me what they want at the grocery store.

I know what the weatherman said.   what to wear that day.

I even remember scratches of what they said in school way way back then.
analytic geometry and calculus, for one.   I was proud of that, even though all I could remember was the name.

       but here’s a question.
who told the atoms how to dance?

       are they happy, do you think.


HRP32A 40 Inch Liquid Hydrogen Bubble Chamber, SLAC

images: a) bubble chamber image of atomic particles, b) hydrogen atom,
c) SLAC bubble chamber.

science folk are very clever folks.   SLAC, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Palo Alto, California.   a bubble chamber is a bathtub-like device filled with liquid hydrogen kept under pressure so it won’t boil away.   high-energy particles are then fired into the chamber where they can interact with the hydrogen nucleus.   simultaneously the pressure is reduced allowing the particles to leave a trail of boiled gas bubbles in their wake.   cameras take pictures from three points of view to later be able to calculate the three-dimensional path of each particle.   the chamber is repressurized, ready for the next event.   then the physicists go away and ponder what was seen.   I’m no physicist but I did work there for several years doing the grunt work to categorize and measure the millions of images produced.

think of it as a giant meditation machine.   listening to the universe.

2 thoughts on “analytic geometry and calculus

  1. surely the God particle taught them how to dance
    p.s .fascinating place to work Neil. I levelled off at geometry and algebra – and physics was always a step too far but even so it mesmerises with the path trajectory of atomic particles here


    1. but mommy, where didd the god particle come from?

      proof is an odd sort of reality I think. If you find (it) somewhere, then it must be everywhere and more, it is, because it is. is there consciousness in the universe? must be, because here we are. and tell me, just exactly what does intent look like?

      yes, amazing place to work, but probably not at all what you might think.

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