lunar disambiguation


          out past sky.

moon.   moon didn’t make her reflect that second face.

reaching out to gather Light was already like falling.     falling into wind.

looking up.   looking up.   someone said they were stars.

color the shape of ruby in a sea.   dare risk the farther edge.

      world made the color of her sleep.

thus momentum,

making lures the shape of Light.   see them defy gravity.

rising up.   rising up.

          the lyric sense of you.   second lingering.

take the shape she remembers now.

          insistence an undervalued attribute.   oh gravity.

take the shape of Light on a clouded afternoon.

                    why did I ever let go.

another radiant wing.
but most.   most what I remember is

          the scent of you.

          I’d know you in the dark.

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