what makes me who I am.

I love this motion, approaching you.   unchanging,
      my dear heart.   standing still.

your feathers like wheat stubble on your skin.   here
      I lay down, no more thought.   gratitude.
      you nourish me.
sweetness, how my feet know the touch of you.
      nothing comforts me more.

one thumb can say it all.   new language, here
      you teach to me.   whisper me.

      raining me.   head over heels.

I tumble.   then here I am, this close to you.

you make me real.   like sky.   I am filled.

embracing me.
image:   via Bridgette Tales, 52 Photo Challenge, Week 8 – Negative Space,
        and used with her kind permission.    please click image to enlarge.
yes, more like water than you might think.   (patience please)

AMA – a short film by Julie Gautier

9 thoughts on “floatation

    1. Thank you Laura. These days the images are becoming as valued as the poem itself to me. Feels a little odd, but honestly, not. This “negative space” image made me fly the other way; I understood the notion, but feelings said, no, not negative – rather “full”, thus the motion of the poem. AND I recall a woman, autistic son, who described a drooping willow tree as melting cheese. So much as adults we temper our vision to more acceptable reality, but in so doing we miss another possibility of seeing. Everything within this image felt “welcome” to me. I’m friends with dry brown grass. This is a place I am happy to be.


      1. yes it is negative in the sense of absence rather than presence – some call it white space, blank space to avoid the pejorative. Seeing how we see is liberating – like the melting cheese tree.


      2. I touch the edge of understanding but already my fingertips are getting hot. I’m not science/math enough to really understand. But physicist David Bohm had other ideas about what “nothing” is, and it’s not what we thought. Makes a certain sense to me. We REALLY don’t understand nothing. We are SOMETHING so nothing is outside our realm, while being absolutely essential all the same. (I love this stuff) There’s a Bohm video you might like… (oops link changed, is now… )


  1. I’m absolutely floored by what a beautiful poem you found in my photograph. I must admit I got lost in the words, they seemed to call to me in a way I’m not sure I fully understood. I love the way they spread across the page, creating space too. Divine.


    1. Your picture! Thanks Bridgette. No picture, no poem. Glad it went the other way. For my sensibility this is a more successful poem – meaning more direct/more honest, just following the thread without editing so much (or being clever) (clever is just clever and not what I want to be). And if that’s what you meant – physical space in a poem matters to me, it is part of my “punctuation”. Again, thank you for letting me see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I was referring to the physical space in the poem. I love what you say about a poem being more direct/honest when you follow the thread and let it unravel. I’m still very new to poetry and find I might be overworking it a bit…I’m going to try this approach and see what flows.


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