what’s the big deal about being true



      the truth, the whole truth, and Nothing but the truth
      is there another choice

my tongue, yea, made from stars
but what we deem consciousness
that’s the same as the space between the stars
meaning, the greater breath of the universe.

maybe Father’s hat.

I’ve looked at my screen of perception and
thought, what am I looking at, or, that’s a cow
driving a bus, what, oh no, a boy on roller-skates.

she wrote, In the late fall, the oyster mushrooms
look like lilies from a distance.

suppose that’s what iceberg sailors thought.

so how does the universe seem, from way out here.
       behind your eyes.

remember, no question marks.   why.   because.
maybe because everything is a question, because
I’d rather you see them for yourselves.
in youth I labored to find the one true answer.
bright in the dark.   but look, one nature of this universe
       is illumination.
older I get the harder to choose just one thing.

sailor beware.   what star casts judgment rather than
       simply Light.

surrender being-wrong.   remember, no more sin.
choose.   which bubble are you.   now
was that choice or observation.

image:   “Contemplation”, part of the collection, Tidelands
                 Maureen J Haldeman, MJH Fine Art Photography
image used with her kind permission.   and my sincere appreciation.   one might ask which comes first, image or text?   sometimes it’s more like two strangers meeting in a room and a relationship comes to be.

                 please give her fine creative website a visit.

somehow I think that old exclamation, it’s full of stars, applies right here.   amazing universe in every detail.

2 thoughts on “what’s the big deal about being true

  1. Oh, so many things to think about here. How can we make decisions about the universe from our limited perspective and also be wired to crave answers to unanswered things. Your poetry makes me question and think about how little we know about anything, but how deeply we feel about it all.


    1. Well, thank you Bridgette. I like questions. I have some answers – my own I suppose is right. No point to preach – don’t help anyway. We each need to look – for ourselves. Truth is both objective (whatever that might be) and subjective (obvious) (and that’s where we live I think). Just my musing, how I adore this egg. Am honored you visit, and speak. n

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