ferry boat in a bowl, page one

I stand on my best balance,
aligned between chair and table.
window-blind pull ahead to my left.   reaching.

maybe a little premature.   OK.   not yet dark.
there’s the ferryboat Issaquah coming into dock.
we can almost see the whole length of the boat
       from our happenstance.   a glance.

right now.   she’s coming home to our East Sound
shore.   Suddenly, unexpectedly, the slightest drift.
       not by scene, but by sight.
seeing the treasure of seeing what’s most-front.
       just other side of our noses now.

I can’t close the blinds.   I won’t.

when you see the perfection of seeing,
then setting-some-aside, it just seems wrong.

       to this life I want to be one voice.
       many words with one voice.

       sharing with you is the answer to    –    why.
and I am.

part one of two

painting:   Bridgette Tales    #100DayProject: Watercolors-Week 4
                     image used with her kind permission.

remember to make the image big.   maybe you’ll smile.

2 thoughts on “ferry boat in a bowl, page one

  1. “to this life I want to be one voice.
    many words with one voice”—such a beautiful sentiment and gorgeous poem. I’m so happy my sun inspired these glowing words. You’ve made me so ridiculously happy. Have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend.


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