this is what I’d give, page two

          words shouldn’t ‘say’, they should ‘do’.   paintings too.   this does.

          what kind of flowers?

imagine this woman, she paints.   she paints a sunny Sun, all yellow
and bright.   that’s a lot of appeal, big and yellow and bright.

Sun says Sun’s tale.   she is doing what she was asked to do.
generous, that’s a word we use.   more than a curiosity.

then she paints color.   real color.   no wait, they’re flowers.
I’m not so interested now.   I am something else.
          I am colored Light.   I arrive, who I’m supposed to be.

and now I know, generosity.   these flowers,
these best I render back to you.   like a mirror.     because
          that’s the kind of flowers these are

part two of two

if you don’t have to be some certain-flavor-of-smart
then you’re free to see the simplicity of generosity.
painting: Bridgette Tales, #100DayProject: Watercolors-Week 4
                  I love what Bridgette does with paint.   there is more than a brush.
                  used with her kind and generous permission.   mine is gratitude.

                  please click to expand, a couple times.   it’s big!
as the Dalai Lama might say, so simple and pure you might mistake it for a pebble in your shoe.

2 thoughts on “this is what I’d give, page two

  1. I can’t believe my little painting inspired such beautiful words and thoughts. You humble me. ” I am colored Light”—this is what I want to be. The colors of all things. Shaping the world around me. Simply lovely.


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