Moog the cat.

Moog a Starry Night.

Moog the pre-historic.

Moog the flying dragon.

Moog not who you think.

Moog begins many dreams.

Moog she sits into your lap.

Moog might even be Chinese.

Moog a mystery, just like my nose.

Moog we beg, please call this home.

Moog who makes me wonder who I am.

Moog who makes a universe curled upon itself.

Moog could be almost anything she wants to be.

She came to stay a few days whilst a daughter was away.

Moog and I, we’re calling this home.

We are forever now.
Please please, do click and enlarge the Moog you see.
She’s more than first seen.   Promise.

Moog the cat photograph taken by Laura, her friend.    PoetryPix

Laura took this picture and many more you can see, Indoors – pet project.
Laura said it was OK to share this picture with all of you.   Lucky us.
          happy cat.

10 thoughts on “Moog

  1. a veritable homage to Moog – interesting how you see her and uniquely so in those first 3 lines but I especially like
    “Moog who makes a universe curled upon itself.” – that is how I see her now

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    1. Thank you Laura. For lots actually. I remember first seeing this image, thinking, what is… oh yea, that’s a cat, all mysterious, like seeing a dragon asleep. Beauty. (And I love cats, no matter what.)

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    2. You know, it was you who quietly set the tone of relationship, you and Moog, each choosing the other, implicit as equals that way. Not so many hold relationship that way. A simplicity that touched and impressed me both. (You too are very likable : ) (like Moog)

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      1. many thank for that observation Neil – I try to respect ‘the other’ whatever animal it may be including the human one! – its just a case of finding out what each others boundaries are & respecting where the line is drawn. I learned much about the human-animal relationship from listening and watching vid of Ramana Maharshi

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    1. Thanks rabirius. I kinda like noise. Use for different reasons. But here – to emphasis the unrecognizability of the image as first seen by me. Then, best of both, linked second is full true, that lovely face.

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  2. What an endearing poem. My favorite line is “Moog could be almost anything she wants to be.” It speaks to where I am right now—can I really be brave enough to make that true?

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    1. I like cats. No, I love cats. With cats we can have that easy affection so much harder to do with our own kind. All cats are my friends. Actually, any creature that don’t eat me is my friend. There’s this good man in South Africa who makes a needed home for lions to be protected but as wild as they can be. But he knows them and they know him. They come and rub and play with him. I am so jealous.

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      1. My family is allergic to cats, but I always seem to attract neighborhood cats to my backyard. I have one right now I call Jake who curls into my lap whenever I’m in the hammock and purrs loudly. He also always tries to jump into my van. Cats are very empathetic and I think he knows I need him right now.


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