thirty poems number one

then and now
the year when winter came

the week it snowed, covering the street

the day you walked to the store, alone

the hour you came to our gate, opened it

the seconds waiting you to come inside

the moment you were in my arms

9 thoughts on “thirty poems number one

    1. Thank you Michelle for reading and waving hello. Your persistence is flattering, encouraging. I tend toward leaving no explanation unturned, so short is my exercise here. Practice, you know. I hope you’ll find some other others here worth your while. I’m stubborn, been at this for quite some years.

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      1. You’re most welcome.🙂I believe practice is the key and it’s encouraging to me when others keep a daily focus. Your poems are inspiring… keep on writing. 😉

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  1. So it begins, my practice, saying less or more a different way. Very “personal” tone this one. No goal, no one-a-day, no NAPOMO, just me doing what & when I do. about half way done as of now. Thanks Bridgette.


    1. Your engagement de I so much appreciate. I write cause that’s what I supposed to do. But it is connection with other folk that make it sweet. AND remembering, your writing contributed much to me learning to trust me and words even more.

      Fingers crossed about WordPress. I’m committed here, but gosh, getting kind of stone-age these days.


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