thirty poems number seventeen

when you knock at the door, the door opens

this is the symbol sitting at your side, reverence

no page is written because the universe is not yet done

mountains whisper your name.   heads bowed.   gratitude

His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet

walk with me

5 thoughts on “thirty poems number seventeen

    1. How nice to start my day. Is this the beach Happy Birthday day for you as poor memory recalls? If so, you know the song, and it ends, happy birthday to you. My friend.

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    1. Their message I think – we are seen, we are connected, we are sane. Now we need to live that way.

      There was another poem some while back where I said if He needed a place to stay, he was welcome in my home – for real, not just a poetic phrase. And, why not? I respect him as much or more than any of us here. Thank you de.


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