thirty poems number nineteen

writing is like this
there, right there, I’m pointing at the spot

now I’m waiting for words to swiftly unendingly

skillfully insightfully appear, like molecules

each and every one arriving to throngs of

good cheer all around, maybe a standing ovation

oh wait, four in the morning and I’m out of milk

5 thoughts on “thirty poems number nineteen

  1. If you are anything like me, then you go down a rabbit-hole of milk related questions. Perhaps you think of that one cow you saw that had eyelashes that reminded you of your first grade teacher. How they are both now gone and you are still here…

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    1. Oh Bridgette, that was wonderful, especially the eyelashes. Yes. The point more for me is not taking myself too seriously. Better said – I am not serious, but I am sincere. Remember too, rabbit holes are for rabbits, and you are much more than a rabbit. But enjoy the bunny ears!

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    1. We (me) are easy to distract. Sadly someone once said that’s why we like looking at the sea so much – all those endless waves to admire. Even if true, I still love the sea. Does distraction become the focal point? Thank you.


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